Governing Council

The school governing council plays an important role in the effective management of our school helping to make decisions and plan the strategic direction of the site under the guidance of school leadership. Our governing council members are highly valued and every opportunity is given for members to have their say and contribute as a key part of our school community.

More information regarding roles and responsibilities of governing council members as well as how to become a member can be found in the links below or by contacting the school.



  • AGM and First Governing Council Meeting –
    Tuesday Week 4 – 21st February 2023 at 6.30pm
  • Tuesday 21st March


  • Tuesday 16th May
  • Tuesday 20th June


  • Tuesday 8th August
  • Tuesday 12th September


  • Tuesday 31st October
  • Tuesday 5th December

Functions of the Governing Council

Under section 41 of the Act, a governing council has joint responsibility with the principal for the governance of the school.

The functions of a governing council also include:

  • strategic planning for the school;
  • determining policies for the school;
  • determining the application of total financial resources available to the school;
  • presenting operational plans and reports on its operations for the community and Minister.

    Other Roles

    In addition to the functions and powers conferred under the Act, the following powers and functions are conferred on a governing council by its constitution:

    • employ persons, except as teachers, as members of the staff of the school;
    • enter into contracts;
    • construct any building or structure for the benefit of the school, or make any improvements to the premises or grounds of the school;
    • purchase or take a lease or licence of premises for student residential facilities, and enter into any other agreements or arrangements for the establishment, management, staffing and operation of such facilities;
    • establish and conduct, or arrange for the conduct of, facilities and services to enhance the education, development, care, safety, health or welfare of children and students;
    • involving the school community in the governance of the school and representing their views on educational, cultural and social diversity needs;
    • responsibility for the proper care and maintenance of any property owned by the council;
    • performing such functions as necessary to establish and conduct, or arrange for the conduct of facilities and services to enhance the education, development, care, safety, health or welfare of children and students (out of school hours), and residential facilities for the accommodation of students;
    • raising money for school related purposes.